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The Story

story so far

Born and brought up in ‘Sarrafa Family’ from a small town in Uttar Pradesh, who have been in the ancestral business of fine jewelry since decades. Since the day I could sense the word ‘Beauty’, it was only jewelry all around me . The glimpse of those stunning treasured pieces from the ‘Tijori of Girvi-Ganth’ still inspires me today.

During my later years, I happened to closely observe artisans and craftsmen of Italy, infusing soul in each and every piece of ornament being made. The ornaments carried the essence of magnificence and were sure to make the person who wore them sparkle with an inner radiance. It was then and there I realized the magical aura of handmade craft served with the purity of heart… and that’s how ‘KEIYURA’ was born

The brand name, ‘Keiyura’ owes it’s origin to Ancient Sanskrit Literature. In the context of ‘Purana’ (पुराण ) – it means a Heavenly Ornament worn by Lord Shiva.

Here at Keiyura, Blissful Dreams are crafted with fervor and become Precious Possessions

Love -for the Jewelry